Commissioning objectives

Our objective in commissioning independently produced Botswana programming is to ensure the creation of the most engaging and exciting content for the UPICtv platform telling our local stories.

Commissioning process: Unsolicited Proposals

  1. The commissioning process will vary depending on whether your proposal is solicited or unsolicited.
  2. You may submit an unsolicited proposal online at the UPICtv submissions portal in accordance with the Protocol and related information made available by us from time to time.
  3. Unsolicited proposals must be submitted online by filling in these forms.
    Process for submission and handling of unsolicited programme proposals.
  4. All unsolicited proposals must be uploaded via the submissions portal as set out above.
  5. Our initial response will acknowledge receipt of the unsolicited proposal.
  6. Thereafter the submission will be assessed by members of the relevant platform’s content team.
  7. If we are interested in the proposal, we will  invite you to a pitch session, at a mutually convenient date and time, at which you will have the opportunity to pitch the proposal to our representatives.

If you’re still really keen to tell us your idea, here’s how: